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I'm Nadine Engel, I am German and I live in Spain since 1997. Since I was a teenager I was interested in how

our psyche works. I my-self had much drama and trauma during my childhood. I know what it's like to

collapse as a young and successful woman and having to get up on my feet again and draw strength

from the difficult experiences. Transforming the “why”  into “for what”.

That's why today I accompany people in difficult situations and then again to gain their strength and

self-confidence. With presence, respect, empathy, sensitiveness, and yes even humor. Honesty and

safety are very important to me- for both me and my clients. One overcomes painful interpersonal

experiences through positive, entrusting new experiences and that is why it is particularly important

to me that my clients feel safe and respected by me, so they can trust me completely.

Just as I fully trust that our body is wise, we all have in us what we need to live a happy and fulfilled life;

sometimes we just need a little help to find back to OURSELVES. - I would be happy to accompany you.

I gained my knowledge through my own life experience and many training courses with the Worldwide best exponents and teachers about:

  • Systemic family constellations (Bert Hellinger – mi training as facilitator of systemic constellations I have made with more then 400 hours with Bert and Sophie Hellinger and the international teachers of the Hellingerschule in Germany, but I have also absolved
    trainings with other important facilitators as for example systemic law in Brazil, systemic Rituals ® with Daan van Kampenhout, etc

  • Somatic Experience ® (Dr Peter Levine, Maggie Kline, etc)

  • Soma embodiment I + II (Sonia Gomez)

  • IFS (Internal family systems from Dr Richard Schwartz)

  • Reiki, Coaching, NLP etc

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